Many heroic stories have similar structure. Make sure you haven’t missed out on any elements that might improve the narrative you tell…

A project generates narratives when people interact with it. Make sure your narrative generator machine is as projective as possible….

Great talk

Change the way you see not the way you look

Change the way you see not the way you look

Your project can provide many types of feedback (judgment, reward, instruction, encouragement, challenge). Ensure your feedback loop is creating the experience you want at every moment in your project.

Somehow, people must interact physically with your project. Always create anew. Don’t copy existing physical interfaces. Be sure your physical interface is adapted to your project.

Meaningful control is essential for immersive interactivity. Your interface is how people interact with your product.

Once in a distant land, an old sage was asked to give a speech in a village. He came with his monkey. He tied his ape nearby while delivering his speech…

Puzzles make people stop and think. Ensure your project’s puzzles are doing everything you want to shape people experience.

The scene takes place in small primary school class in a distant city. A pretty little girl just arrived from her far away land, wretch in the class since the beginning of the year, completely lost, eyes dull, hanging lip, she understands nothing.

The teacher tries to seduce her, to sit next to her, nothing, and nothing ever. One day, the teacher goes back again and sites next to the little girl and commits her to write, like her friends. And nothing, still nothing, then she said: “Do me a favour, try. You have heard of Cinderella. Start by writing a single word, for example the word “king” with an K, an I, an N, an G.”

Still nothing dull eyes. And now, suddenly the little fingers grasp the sheet of paper and the pencil from the hands of the teacher. She stands up and suddenly starts to write on the paper: the king, the king, the king, ten, twenty times, her knees tremble, she stutters and says as she writes: “I know! I can! I know! I can! “Suddenly, her eyes sparkling with tears, still shocked, she throws the paper on the lap of the mistress, she raises her hands and kissed the teacher sobbing.

Voilà, that’s coming out of illiteracy. It is the door through which she has passed and it clearly defines the teaching profession. What is the teaching profession? This is the one that causes this sudden joy. It is that which gives the ecstasy and sovereign joy that may, perhaps, be compared to orgasm.

Now I must confess that I am also illiterate. Imagine being in Japan, in China, in Russia, one cannot read the street names, one cannot read newspapers. In general any trip abroad or in a new business, exposes the inability to read or understand a particular script. And the world of writing is a world of fantastic attraction. Take a beautiful landscape and put a written poster, nobody looks at the landscape anymore and everyone looks at the writing.

Well, now I’ll tell you what an analyst is: it is someone who spotted the door that just passed the little girl. She went from one side to the other, like Alice in Wonderland, from illiteracy to literacy. And an analyst wants to locate the doors and go to the other side precisely because he wants to help the business to pass as many doors as possible by applying a different questioning.

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To better understand all aspects of your project, deconstruct all patterns and steps to come down to the simplest bricks.

People love convergence, and Pyramids fascinate because of their
singular highest point. Give your project the elegance of the ancient

๏ Is there a way all the pieces of your project can converge into a
singular challenge at the end?
๏ Big pyramids are often made of little pyramids — can you have a
hierarchy of ever more challenging puzzle elements, gradually
leading to a final challenge?
๏ Is the challenge at the top of your pyramid interesting, compelling,
and clear? Does it make people want to work in order to get to it?

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge
to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an
image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”
- Henri Cartier-Bresson

Successful heroes learn to recognize Threshold Guardians not as threatening enemies, but as useful Allies and early indicators that new power or success is coming.

How this quote from “The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers” can help in your project?